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May 01, 2016

Anouk Colantoni - The Beekman Sketchbook

"New York is a city that’s nurtured the most inspiring artists, entrepreneurs and creatives in the fields of architecture, fashion, music and cuisine—as well as functional technology and engineering. Therefore, it’s fitting that the artwork adoring the walls of The Beekman reflects this diversity of talent. I was so excited to create a series of 16 original watercolor and illustration pieces to celebrate the heritage and future of The Beekman, an iconic part of the New York skyline. The series celebrates The Beekman's intricate and intelligent structure, illuminating the fact it has remained steadfast fixture even as New York City has morphed and modernized around it. The Beekman has truly stood the test of time. Each illustration, through energetic lines and a streamlined use of color, represents a decade of the Beekman's lifespan. The central marker in each piece is the architectural marvel itself. It’s a symbol of over a century of solidarity. While other historical and cultural markers have come and gone in the name of propelling New York forwards, The Beekman has remained true. From the construction of the iconic Temple Court in 1883 to present day, it’s stood the test of time." Anouk is a French-Australian artist living and working in New York.

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