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Miniature Marvel

December 01, 2016

Making a Miniature Marvel

Whimsical charm abounds in Patrick Jacob’s artwork, Dandelion Field with Clover and English Daisies, a series of intimate dioramas nestled between The Beekman’s reception and lounge area. In this film by Sandenwolf, The Beekman art curator Katherine Gass interviews Jacob about his inspiration for the works he created as his first public commission.
The architecture and landscape around lower Manhattan, and The Beekman itself, has changed dramatically over the last century, but not in Patrick Jacob’s sculptures. He plays with the notion of timelessness and examines the micro intricacy of nature. Viewers who dare to peep through the wall will glimpse a vast field of clover and dandelions reeling them back to a time before architecture, where weeds, flowers and mushrooms—nature’s underdogs—reigned supreme like the majestic high rises that have taken their place today.

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