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Temple Court and Beekman Logos

March 02, 2018

Tour Temple Court With Chef Tom Colicchio & Top Chef's Gail Simmons

Chef and Restaurateur Tom Colicchio sat down with fellow Top Chef judge Gail Simmons for an inside look of the Temple Court restaurant in the latest video from The Alliance for Downtown New York.  

Temple Court has earned high marks for both Chef Colicchio's signature style and seasonal take on classic dishes as well as for the restaurant and bar's meticulously appointed decor.  Here he tells us how the restaurant pays homage to the neighborhood's history. 

"A lot of what we do here at Temple Court starts with this idea of bringing back the classics and making them modern.  It's all a metaphor for what's going on Downtown.  What's old is new, what's new is old - it's all coming back again," notes Chef/Owner Colicchio.

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