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New To The Neighborhood: Mercer Labs

Interactive and immersive installation

Mercer Labs opened this year, offering 15 uniquely different rooms for visitors to explore. These interactive and immersive installations show how the relationship between art and technology have been redefined.

Visitors will be immediately amazed by the state-of-the-art technology system that powers each installation. Begin the first experience by entering a giant room where 26-foot-high projectors blast a series of images all around the room. Here guests will feel like they have landed inside the art pieces.

Other breathtaking installations include “The Dragon”, where a total of 500,000 individual LED lights adorn a room and are lit up to created 3D videos, including one of a galloping horse. Enter a cave of beautiful pink flowers or visit the robot, dubbed Kuka Robot, as they make sand castles, sketches and more while visitors look on.

In another room, visitors are able to experience one of only three 4D sound studios in the world. To truly enjoy the moment, guests are asked to lay on the floor where they will enjoy the sounds from the 36 speakers located under the elevated floor.

The visual elements are both striking and entertaining, awakening the senses of all age groups. Kids and adults alike will also enjoy taking a ride on the slide followed by a dive into the ball pit of 25,000 balls. On that level, visitors can also play inside the interactive chess room or venture into the coloring space where their completed designs will be fed into a nearby machine which recreates a 3D version of the character. This experience truly brings full circle the marriage between technology and “humanity”.